OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER 12th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT of FLORIDA LARRY L. EGER, Public Defender Serving, DeSoto, Manatee, & Sarasota Counties

What to expect when you are accused of a crime

After a law enforcement officer has placed a person under arrest, the officer transports him or her to the jail facility of the County where the person was arrested.  On some occasions the accused will be first taken to the law enforcement office to be questioned.  You have a right to remain silent and you should remain silent if this happens. After processing at the jail, the person usually can post the standard bond amount and be released.

Some charges do not have a standard bond amount upon arrest, and they include felony violations of probation, domestic violence charges, murder, sexual battery and kidnapping, among others.  If your charge does not have a pre-determined bond amount or if you can’t afford to post the bond that has been pre-determined for your offense, then you will be brought to first appearances within 24 hours of your arrest. 

Championing the accused with the utmost professionalism and humanity